Craig Davison

It was a baptism of fire that saw his skills improve with the daily discipline of drawing to order, and within a few years, he was working for a video games company as a 
designer and animator, working on more grown-up characters such as Zorro, The Hulk, The Hurricanes and Johnny Bazookatone.

During this period Craig began to sculpt reference figures for 3D animation, and realised he was really good at it. That realisation prompted another step in his career, when he became a freelance sculptor making models for toys and action figures for commercial ranges including Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Me To You and Enchantica.

In 2007, Craig entered a competition to find an apprentice for another Artmarket favourite, Alexander Millar. He’d never really painted before, but decided to give it a go – and to his huge surprise, finished in the final three of the competition.

The rest, as they say, is history – Craig’s imaginative paintings of children at play, inspired by his own carefree childhood, are now among the most popular at the Artmarket Gallery.

He’s inspired by a variety of artists from many different periods, including Marvel and DC Comics illustrator and creator of 'Hellboy', Mike Mignola, Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, Spanish romanticist Goya, and American artist and illustrator NC Wyeth. 

Craig says: “My head is always filled with new ideas all scrambling to get onto canvas first.
“Once they’re there I like my paintings to have a slightly naïve, grubby look with lots of energy – which, when I think about it, sums up my childhood.”