Sue Howells

Fine Art Trade Guild award winning best selling published artist 2008 is testament to Sue Howell's ever increasing popularity.

Sue Howells is a self-trained artist now working full-time as a painter. Known for her interpretation of landscapes and buildings she has developed a bold and vivid style to express her view of the world and bring perspective to her painting. She works mainly in watercolours but loves to experiment with other media.

She continues to broaden her range of subjects, maintaining her energy and colours by using an economy of brush strokes. Sue works as loosely as possible as watercolours can be controlled but never bullied.

The colours Sue Howells uses take on a wide range of hues when she adds light and dark, giving a translucent quality coupled with brush texture and an ability to use contrasting colour to very good effect.

?Nothing in my pictures is real. Everything is off-kilter, which generates an energy that seems to appeal. The more I exaggerate my figures, the more popular the are. People can see what they want to see if pictures aren't literal.?

"And now just a little about me. I began painting in 1982 and am self taught in all aspects of watercolour painting. I joined the RBSA in 1988 and have exhibited in London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Ireland. I like to paint solely in watercolours, because I think it lets me produce pictures which are both energetic and which have a strong compositional value". - Sue Howells

"Mum's Day Off"
Image size 255 x 340mm
Mounted and framed 520 x 630mm

"Easter's Early This Year"
Image size 240 x 250mm
Mounted and framed 510 x 530mm
£ 440