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Sandra Vick

Sandra Vick studied at Edinburgh College of Art graduating with honours, winning awards and a scholarship for further study at Masters level. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art in 2009.

“My current art practice is concerned with researching and observing birds through drawing and photography; assembling a sense of them and their habits over the year. I use a layering process to build up an image that gives an essence of the bird without being a full representation. Using silhouettes I simplify the images, shifting the focus from solely a depiction of nature to one that includes the relationship between the organic shapes and negative spaces. In the layering process I explore how events of the past affect our view of the now. In the final painting I’m concerned with the story that makes the bird and an artistic investigation of composition and space.

My work takes in a variety of forms including art workshops, installations, artists books and painting. I have worked with students from nursery to primary to undergraduate students to retirement age, from many different social backgrounds. I am particularly interested in enabling students to find their own artistic voice, and inspiring individuals to engage with the progression of their work.”   Sandra Vick 2017

Image size 500 x 500mm
Image size 560 x 420mm