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Stephanie Rew

Stephanie Rew was born in Carlisle in 1971 and spent her early years in Edinburgh. She studied art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee.

Stephanie Rew has a real talent for capturing the female form. This is equally true whether the figures are clothed or not. She successfully highlights glances and passing thoughts and emotions in her art works. Her more recent paintings and limited edition prints featuring costumes - everything from the corset and bustle to the kimono - communicates a strong sense of elegance and serenity of the female form. Stephanie's lightness of hand is evident in the images of delicate fabrics draped across the figures.

Stephanie Rew's paintings and art prints always have a sense of ambiguity - with faces half hidden and the human form often just emerging from the darkness. The nude is a recurring motif to her work and has developed using drapery and pattern in combination with the figure. Tone and form as well as strong light and colour is what inspires her. Recently she has been concentrating on the juxtaposition of tonality and texture whilst keeping a private, reflective mood with the work.

Image size 500mm x 500mm
Image size 400mm x 260mm
Image sixe 230mm x 230mm
Image size 400mm x 300mm